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Micro-homesteading House: a $10,000 84 sq ft Home

Tiny House September 20, 2017

Micro-homesteading House a $10,000 84 sq ft Home

Living tiny and the Tiny House Movement has become a world wide phenomenon. More and more people want to downsize their lifestyles  and live in less clutter and more simply. There are a variety of reasons why people are attracted to the tiny house, but for Dee Williams who is shown in the images below it became a question of what “fit”  her at a certain time in her life. After spending some time in South America, she returned to her 2,000 square foot house and felt out of place. It no longer felt like her. She knew she had to scale down her life and let go of a lot of “stuff”, and she was ready to say goodbye to some of the things that she had previously thought mattered so much.  So, all on her own and with a lot of used and recycled materials, she built an 84 square foot tiny house for $10,000, which included $5,000 for thermal windows.

Dee now lives in a friend’s backyard in her  solar powered home that has no running water completely care-free, and free of all the things that she was able to give up. Her homestead is her dear friend’s back yard, and she feels she wants for nothing. Her tiny house is also on wheels so she is able to travel with it, though she has stayed put for a few years. Dee thinks that living tiny gives you unique perspective on what really matters to you and forces you to think outside the box. She believes that anything she needs is happily contained within her 84 square feet.

Micro-homesteading in such a small space is, of course, not for everyone. But for people like Dee Williams, they have found a perfect solution to what might have been an overwhelming problem. I think once you have a look at the video linked below you might begin to think tiny.

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