Travel Trailers – The New ‘Tiny House’

Remember the summers when hopping in the car with mom and dad, travel trailer in tow and heading up the windy road to the lake immediately brought to mind the smell of roasting marshmallows and campfire smoke? Well, the travel trailer has become the new chic  and tiny home of today. It spells freedom and gives you a way to see the countryside yet still have all the comforts of home right there with you. More and more folks are ditching the huge mortgage and choosing to embrace those beautiful and glorious memories of summertime camping, all year round.

With design options only as limiting as you’re imagination, you can choose and create anywhere from the retro style of the 70’s to the modern chic amenities and conveniences of a full size home. Who wouldn’t just love to pick up their house and “go” whenever one chose to replace the boring life of suburbia for the beach! The freedom in and of itself is freedom in joining the new “tiny house” revolution.