Cozy Wood Cabins and Cottages

Cozy Wood Cabins and Cottages

Simple, rustic cabin designs. That’s what these guys seem to be about, and they give enough information about their product and their building process that it might make you guess they are trying to do their best to make a reliable product. These little cabins are by Montana Shed Center.

From the builder about this particular design:

A bit about the company and their products:

  1. Absolute Best Doors in the industry! Doors are the most susceptible part to be damaged on a shed.
  2. 40 Year **Warranty on our Metal Roof or 40 Year
    **Warranty Pabco shingle roof with metal drip edge.
  3. Superior Standard Dual Ventilation System.
  4. Standard framing is 16″ o/c with double top plates notched at the corners. (Economy Series and buildings under 8′ wide are 2′ o/c)
  5. 50 Year **Limited Warranty Engineered LP Siding with Premium Sherwin Williams DuraCraft paint.
  6. 5/8″ T&G Plywood Floor (CDX) not particle board.
  7. Extra Heavy Duty Standard Shed Floor System. Our standard floor loads are Engineer rated at 225 pounds per sq.ft. (over 40% better than other competitors.)
  8. Our Garage floors are 8″ o/c with Superior finish treated 3/4″ plywood which has more layers than standard plywood.

A bit about their building process: “This plywood is produced by gluing together sheets of veneer, with each layer being glued the opposite grain to the one below it. The result is a wooden sheet that is proportionally as strong as steel, without the weight that comes along with concrete or steel. Because of this strength, CDX plywood is the most popular choice for interior flooring, CDX plywood will stand up to many years of use and abuse without warping or breaking.”

Check out the gallery of photos below (all images on our site are expandable, even the featured image at the top).

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