Who wants to go camping on this eco beach resort?

When I was growing up, the only camping option available was car-camping. My family drove to places like Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina, where we’d pitch our tents on the gravel squares in the campsite, collect brush for the fire pit so we could attempt to cook dinner, and we’d fall asleep to the sound of crickets and animals skittering through the forest. When I got a little older, my friends from college got into backpack camping, which I decided was not for me. Hiking into a campsite a few miles away with little to no amenities was not my idea of a good time. I had friends on the other side of the spectrum too, however, who preferred “camping out” in hotels as opposed to spending the weekend worrying about ticks, snakes, and bears. They used the word “glamping”, which has become more popular in recent years, along with an entirely new spectrum of camping options.

Although at first, I wondered why people would prefer “glamping” over car-camping, I grew to realize that there were benefits to each and that I could enjoy both. And, as previously mentioned, there’s a wide range of what people mean when they speak of “glamping”, which can range from the ultra luxurious to the barely better than tent camping. Over the years I’ve enjoyed trying out different ways of enjoying nature, but I’ve yet to try something as adventurous and exciting as the Eco Beach Glamping Resort experience in Australia.

Near Broome, Western Australia, there is a luxury tent resort by the ocean that you can stay at with little to no fuss. You can have your own private bathroom (tent), a king bed, and a view of either gardens or the ocean. Each tent is tough, quality canvas, and comes with bedside tables, a wardrobe, and a chest for storage. You can enjoy the best of both the outdoors and the indoors with this experience, with running water, linens and towels, and free Wi-Fi. Of course, with so much gorgeous scenery to explore, you may want to turn your electronics off and take a walk by the surf, head to a yoga class, or go fishing, hiking, or whale-watching. If you fancy getting out on the water, there are also kayaks and paddle boards for rent, available at a modest rate.

No matter what your comfort level when it comes to camping, the Eco Beach Glamping Resort has it all. You can sleep well knowing that you don’t have to worry about anything. The bug screens will keep pesky critters out, the canvas will protect you from any inclement weather, and with so much to do, you’ll be soaking up sun outdoors for the better part of the day, then relaxing on the beach as you watch the sun set beneath the waves.

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