Tiny Cabin Compound in an Old Quarry

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Tiny Cabin Compound in an Old Quarry

Too many times we focus on the interior of a home but this tiny house says, “hey look at me”, even before you enter. The beautiful exterior of this tiny cabin is quite the attraction and will surely draw you inside to see the rest. The house is super modern with big bright windows to bring the outside in. Although it is technically a cabin, it is filled with all the amenities you need, along with a beautiful exterior design.

One of the main attractions is a sliding glass door that is the only thing separating the owners from the coziness of this cabin and the amazing sight of nature. The land this gorgeous house sits on, is also being renewed and nurtured so that vegetation can grow from what used to be an old quarry piece of land. This cabin sits among a small community of cabins in this area. The tiny house builders are bringing this area alive again, along with its once barren lands.

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