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Van conversion by photographer Norbert Juhász

RVs June 7, 2016

Van conversion by photographer Norbert Juhász

When it comes to vans there are people who love vans and people who really don’t. If you’ve ever had a van, I don’t see how you can’t think they’re about the best vehicle going. They give you so much freedom to do what you want in a mobile way, to pack stuff, camp if you need to, all without being a completely RVed vehicle (which is also good, but a different thing).

Anyone who’s had a van has probably thought of camperizing it. Yes, making an RV out of the back, whether with a full kitchen and electronics, or just a bed and some storage.

This guy, a photographer of all things, did it. He blogged about it, so here we are sharing his work.  Nice work, Norbert Juhasz, and the van is almost 20 years old (as a lot of the best and most available camperizable vans are).

Check out the gallery of photos below (all images on our site are expandable, even the featured image at the top).

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