Don’t Judge A Trailer By Its Exterior

You’ve heard the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” It’s typically taken to mean that you shouldn’t judge a person by how they look, but it can also apply to homes, activities, and…trailers. There are plenty of people who will purchase trailers and redo them completely, inside and out. Sometimes, people prefer to alter the exterior and have a minor makeover inside. Still others, like the owners of the Tregulland Cottage and Barn in Cornwall, England, prefer to keep the outside intact and surprise delighted guests with a tour of the inside.

While the 310 Airstream trailer is kept as overflow housing or used as part of a rental package, the incredibly luxurious, decadent piece of art deserves the prime spot in visitors’ list of must-sees (and must-stays). Inspired by the Andrew Martin Spitfire chair, it is replete with brown, distressed leather and riveted aluminum. The classic, chic space feels like what one would imagine upon entering a gentleman’s study or library. Rich, dark colors with metallic accents combine to create a traditional, yet futuristic atmosphere. Modern conveniences such as a surround sound system, updated shower, and an emperor bed complete this ultra-resplendent remodel.

Keeping the original exterior, I believe, was a calculated move by both owner and the team of designers, since something bright and garish would detract from the surrounding area. The outside retains the charm of the original Airstream, while also providing a brilliant moment of awe upon entering the space and seeing the difference between the outside and inside. The exterior’s old-fashioned, nostalgic quality meshes exceptionally well with the polished, perfect interior.

What I like about the updates is the real wood accents, such as the solid wood countertops in the kitchen, and the wood floor. While wood panel vinyl is easier to keep up and is cheaper, nothing can match the sheen of a beautiful piece of finished lumber. That paired with the aluminum and leather really show off how solid, stylish, yet simple a makeover can be to create a stunning effect. I highly recommend taking a look at the rest of the renovator’s gallery, especially the Country Retreat Airstream, which shows the versatility of both trailer and renovator. You can also see other projects by American Retro Caravans, including an office, a bar, and one entitled “Dubai Airstream” which was commissioned for use at parties.

If you’re ever in the UK looking for unique accommodations, or for someone to remodel your own Airstream trailer, you can do so by contacting the Tregulland Cottage and Barn or the American Retro Caravans, respectively. Imagine spending a weekend in Cornwall at Tregulland, with beautiful, pastoral views out each window, or taking your Airstream to spend the summer on the open road, touring the countryside and camping each night with the sounds of nature right outside. No matter the weather, you’ll be content to spend time relaxing inside in absolute luxury. You can also check out Mobile Adventures for more ideas, articles, and photos.