How To Build A $50 Dollar Greenhouse

Cultivators in cooler environments regularly apply several methods to lengthen the growing period or to provide their yields an improvement, whether it’s cold structures, hoop houses or greenhouses.

Greenhouses are typically glassy structures, but are normally costly to build. An alternative economical method is build this DIY greenhouse. If you hire professional builders, it might take you more than $300 whereas if you do it yourself, you can build it for only $50! Sounds great right?

Your house can be erected with some materials that are fit to your budget. First, construct the end walls on the floor. Make sure that you use density treated lumber for the walls for durability. For the steel fence posts, use 5/8” diameter. If there are extra posts kept in your storeroom, you can use them to fit a $50 tight budget.

Look for several wood scarps to make the arc and tighten up with wires. The next thing that you need to prepare is the plastic covering. A 20’ by 22’ is good enough to cover the arcs. To install the plastic covering, use stapler to hold them in position.

You are almost ready with your DIY greenhouse. The next thing that you need is to secure it from cats who love to position themselves in a covered spot. Place rough materials like stones and some blocks towards the edges to keep cats away.

Here are some photos (click to enlarge) from DoorGarden.