Plan Your Fall Vegetable Garden Now

Having a backyard garden full of bearing trees and growing vegetables will bring some food to the table and feed a hungry family. When the global economy’s downturn is continuous, we can’t help but think of great ways to cultivate our own food to cut down expenses. Not only can we save some amount, we can also be assured of its natural growth process and avoid hazardous pesticides by using vinegar or any other eco-friendly materials as pest control.

Planting a fall garden any of these days is advisable for we can’t wait for the fall season before starting to plant, as it will take a few months for vegetables to grow. Growing corn will take around ninety days before harvest time. It is the same thing with pumpkin; it will take some time so start planting them now so that you enjoy them after three months. Always check the growing patterns on the seed packets when you plant your veggies. You can either order online or visit a local nursery for the seeds. Usually, online shops have more varieties to offer than local nurseries. Just check with them and plan your backyard garden.

Also, prepare the ground by getting rid of unwanted weeds and adding some organic substances on top of the soil. Planting seeds without preparation might just be a waste of time. Unlike in the olden times, most grounds are fertile and rain drops are regular. But nowadays, some extra effort is needed to cultivate vegetables.
It is also advisable to determine the heat resistance of the vegetables that you’re going to plant. Cherry tomatoes for instance have a better resistance to heat while large beefstake tomatoes have a tough time with strong heat. Do some research and check which ones must receive full sunlight and those that need some shade. Don’t just scatter them on any section of the backyard garden. And if you love sauces, Roma tomatoes are great for these. This kind of tomato needs full sunlight. For all types of tomatoes, install trellis to support them as they have soft stems to hold the fruits.

Other vegetables such as beans, bitter melons, squash and eggplants easily grow and are common ingredients of delicious meals for your family. Hence, include them on your list. If the space is still big, add other favorite veggies of kids and make your backyard garden complete with these vegetables. Nothing beats home-grown food!