This lawnmower is fastest in the world – 100 mph in 6

Honda Fast Lawnmower

Race cars have always caught a lot of attention. But what about race lawnmowers? It seems almost like that’s where we’re headed when we have lawnmowers that can easily do highway speeds!

This is the Mean Mower V2, and has been entered in the Guiness World Records book for the world’s fastest lawnmower (there has been some competition for Honda recently in the fastest lawnmower category). It goes from 0 to 100 miles per hour in 6 seconds. Want to do your yard work faster?

Besides its speed advantage, it can also mow lawns like you’d expect it to. It’s not just for show. A stunt driver recently got it to 100 miles on a racetrack. What kind of power is required for this in a yard work machine? Do you know of Honda’s Fireblade superbike which can go 150 mph? It has a 200 horsepower Honda engine. Guess what? So does this lawnmower.