2400 sq ft Farm House Prefab (interior photo gallery)

2400 sq ft Farm House Prefab from $229,000

This is a big, comfortable farmhouse we’re looking at today. With 2,410 square feet of living area, there’s definitely room to spread out, entertain guests, and get exercise looking for anything you might have misplaced.

It’s a 4-bedroom, 2.5 bath farmhouse with 2 garages (530 square feet, not included in the 2,410 square feet of living space) and a big front porch (280 additional square feet). The total square footage for the house including both living and additional space is 3434, and the builders, Trivett Homes, do this starting at $229,000 (obviously this doesn’t include land).

What you probably notice about this house right away is the entry. A clean, straight driveway up to the double garage on a slight slope (never puddles in the driveway here), then another clean concrete walk up to the patio, and there’s patio space on both sides of the doors. Again, with simple and clean design, the three dormer windows from the bedrooms upstairs. Who likes to sit by their dormer (or on the windowsill) and watch the street outside?

The interior is finished in a very clean, modern style well-suited to families or anyone who’s going to have kids around or entertain friends. With the white walls and ceilings (including a skylight between the kitchen / dining area and one of the dormers), the interior appears bright and spacious.

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