Modern House Design

Boomerangs were a successful building design for a hotel a couple decades ago. What about for a house? This is “Mahina,” a design by Slant. It’s a New Zealand architect and the name of this modern house design is Maori, meaning “moon.”

Slant bases some of its work on designing “iconic” buildings. And this building is unique and probably one you won’t forget after you see it.

The shape of the modern house design is based on the surrounding landscape — the curves of the hills along the ocean and the bays below.

The architects think of these types of houses and other buildings almost like sculptures, and employ “structure-led architecture.” Mahina is a curved, white, glazed sculpture, sleek and transparent.

The building materials being looked at here are concrete and glass. The structure of the house sculpture is supported by seven arches. For more interesting homes, find them in the Building Homes and Living directory.