Modern House Design

Modern House Design

Well, prefab house, tiny homes and other, let’s take a break from prefabs and tiny home for a minute. Sometimes, I like to just enjoy architecture of all sorts, and I expect there are tons of people out there who do. So today we’re going to look at a modern house design or two by architects Weinstein Vaadia.

The most prevalent thing in these modern house designs, or the first thing I noticed about them, is the amount  of light in them. A lot of houses aim at providing their interiors with a lot of light by using windows and sunlights, but for whatever reason, the interior spaces in these modern houses give me the impression of light — not too bright, overwhelming sunlight, but just a brightening amount of light, and they also have a lot of space in them, between the minimalist decor.

Perhaps that shouldn’t be too surprising. Part of this modern architectural firms work focuses on hospitals, and light is an important concern in medical facilities.

The square modern house is the Tel Aviv private house, and the other one is a private house in Sharon. And the third one has not been built yet. It’s a design by the team called “Desert Villa” (and actually there are two desert villas represented in the photos).

Weinstein-Vaadia Architects is a design-oriented Tel-Aviv firm that specializes in architecture, interior design, and landscape design.  Founded in 1994, the practice’s portfolio includes a range of public and private projects throughout the country.  Our buildings celebrate the beauty of simple and natural notions of life such as light, air, vegetation, and movement.  We strive to be both precise and relaxed like nature, not by imitating it, but by exploring the interplay between these two positions.  Our work focuses on hospitals, such as the Childrens Hospital at the Sieff Medical Center, Tsfat; wineries, such as the Galil Mountain and Golan Heights Wineries; and educational projects, such as the Center for Environmental Education at Hiriya Recycling Park.  The firm is led by partners Shai Weinstein and Gil Vaadia.

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