Prefab House, using fast installation light steel, for under $2000

Prefab House, using fast installation light steel, for $1945

This is a very inexpensive prefab house offering, a small house footprint and a simple design, for under $2000. $1945 actually. We’ve looked at WZH Manufacture houses before, and they seem to be focused mainly on providing ultra-low-cost houses shipped through online purchases to the setup location. They also make a point of their fast installation light steel prefab manufacture.

This prefab house is 21.8 feet long, 15.6 wide, and 9.5 feet tall, with a square footage of 105 feet.

Some details, straight from the manufacturer about this prefab house: “The roof panel is made of color steel sheet (if you want, you can change it into 50mm EPS sandwich panel or Asphalt shingle plus OSB board.). We use 50 mm EPS sandwich panel as ceilings. The beam is made of welded square tube and purlin is made of c section steel and column is made of square tube. The antiseptic treatment is galvanization.

“The wall panel is made of 75 mm EPS purification plate (You can change it into 100 mm sandwich panel if you want). You can choose some decorative materials for your wall. The exterior wall can decorate the PVC cladding. The interior wall can decorate the wall paper or plywood as optional customized. There is Galvanization U channel to be used for fixing the panel with the ground. There is one exterior door and there are two interior doors.

Although this prefab house is produced according to the simple basic layout you see in the photos, the manufacturers make a point of saying that they can alter the design or design something according to your needs.

These prefab modular houses can be shipped easily and economically. Two of these prefab house packages can be shipped in one 40 foot shipping container, which makes them suitable for UN modular house/canteen/family house/offices, according to the company.

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