Pioneer Log Home

Pioneer Log Home

I grew up in a log cabin. We lived in the middle of nowhere, Tennessee, at the base of a mountain. Towering pine trees covered us from most of the sunlight, though occasionally light spilled down and provided a dappled look to the forest floor. Our log cabin was two stories of rounded logs, with a huge wood stove and a loft. While there are some considerations to account for when building or living in a log cabin (it requires more upkeep than a house with brick exterior), the rustic charm is nigh impossible to resist. My favorite time of year to live in a log cabin was definitely around Christmas time — with a crackling fire in the stove, warm blankets, and falling snow outside. It felt like I was living in a dream world.

Are you intrigued by country living? If you are, and you’re considering a log cabin, you might want to check out the gorgeous log homes and cabins made by Pioneer Log Homes. Their site is full of incredibly gorgeous photos of their cedar homes, as well as information about their green business practices, their dedication to the protection of the environment (they plant over 200 million seeds in BC every year), and their pride in their product, “the best log homes on Earth”. Building wooden houses allows for less harmful gases in the air, it’s easier on the surrounding environment, and the wood is both a building material and insulation. Using Western Red Cedar is also a bonus, since it is resistant to both rot and insects.

If you’ve ever wanted to find a spot on a mountain and live with a stunning view and few neighbors, or you want a vacation home outside the city and all its smog, or you’re looking for an artistic retreat getaway for the weekend, a log cabin is an excellent option. Do make sure that you have plenty of firewood stacked up for the stove, a well for water, and a generator or gas since winter storms can be a common thing in most mountain areas. You may also want to invest in a few more parking spaces, because all your friends and family will want to join you. It’s easy to add a few bunkbeds to a loft, or some hideaway beds in the living room (or use pullout sofas).

The thing I love most about living in a log cabin is that it is as close to living in nature as we can reach in safety. Running your hands over the cedar (which smells amazing) is soothing, and sitting by the window in the morning and watching the birds is like being in a wildlife sanctuary. I recommend everyone at least try a weekend in a cabin (in the woods or atop a mountain) to get a feel for it. It stays with you, and you’ll often find yourself wandering back.

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