Some Great Modern Gate Ideas

Amazing Modern Gates

The gate to your home is partly constructed as a protective element, but it is also meant to be a welcome mat of sorts, an architectural piece that stirs your imagination and invites you to see what lies behind it. Most gates these days bespeak the owners’ aesthetic sense, and give a kind of preview of what you might expect to see once you are inside them. They can also play a little joke on the arriving guests. A modern gate might easily hide a Tudor style home, and a fancy vintage gate might hide a very modern home.

Gates can be used as sculptural artwork  and not necessarily as an imposing protective piece of architecture, and they are made of a wide variety of materials. Nowadays, many artists and sculptors spend their time designing gates and they can be made of metals, fiberglass, wood, and concrete.The gallery below is but a small sample of the many different styles of gates. And don’t they just entice you to take a peek behind them?

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