Porch Sheds could really be Cheap Tiny Homes or Guest Houses

Porch Sheds could really be Cheap Tiny Homes or Guest Houses

These little sheds, which, when we look at them, we’re also considering using them as cabins, backyard cottages, guest houses, and even perhaps tiny homes, is called the “Porch Shed” and it’s by Social Sheds, who we’ve featured here a couple times before, because they have a range of small sheds in various types.

The thing about this particular model is because it has that porch and a house-like look, especially the front of the building, you could probably really see using this as a tiny home.

From the builder about this particular design:

“Porch Sheds are popular members of our shed family.  We originally started out with the Western Porch only but have added new styles over the years and now have four distinct styles which are listed below.  Browse through them and pick the one that’s right for you!

“The Peak Porch style is our most popular porch model  with a contemporary design, steeper roof pitch, and higher sidewalls.

“The Western Porch style is our original classic with a design that gives that western town feeling while suiting your modern needs.

“The Tack Shed is a newer design improvement on the Tall Peak shed.  Don’t let the name fool you, this shed has many uses.  Use the porch area for dry hay and feed storage or turn it around and use it as a front entry.

“The Barn Porch is our newest in the porch family.  It combines the extra storage of the Tall Gambrel with the character of a porch shed to give you a real all around winner!”

Check out the gallery of photos below (all images on our site are expandable, even the featured image at the top).

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