4840 Sq Ft House Made of 7 Shipping Containers

4840 Sq Ft House Made of 7 Shipping Containers

When we think of shipping container homes, we usually think of square blocks with their original corrugated metal walls, but the range of residential uses for shipping container homes has really increased, and has been for a while. The shipping container home trend is becoming a significant part of architecture and design, for everything from sheds and storage buildings to offices, guest houses, cabins, tiny homes, large mansions, apartment complexes and a lot of others.

Recently we’ve been looking at shipping container buildings — especially residential — more because of the sometimes lower cost of building with them. When you buy shipping container bins used, its for a couple of thousand dollars, and there is a big variety: some are fully bins, some have doors, some have ribs instead of walls, some have roofs, and so if there’s supply appropriate, they can fill in big parts of a building’s material needs.

We also found a company that has been collecting shipping container builds and putting them together in a collection (a pdf book called “Shipping Container Homes”). They’re called Container Home. Here’s one of the houses they’ve collected from an Australian company Container Build Group. It’s a hybrid shipping container – traditional construction build using seven type 1A HC containers. The name of the custom and the cost of the build weren’t disclosed for this one.

“The 450 sq m ( 4840 sq ft ) upmarket house has fittings and finishing of the highest standard. The house was designed for the high end container home market to satisfy the highest quality with fast completion time compared to conventional building.

“This house has been clad internally and externally making 3 material layers on all walls to produce an extremely high insulation value along with extreme strength to a minimum c2 standard for high wind events

“The cyclone rating building codes in australia are as follows C1 180 kph, c2 220 kph, c3 266 kph, c4 310kph.

“These speeds need to considered in combination with region, terrain, shielding, slope, location. With container homes any category rating can be achieved and will be specified in the engineer’s drawings.”

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