6 Shipping Container Home

6 Shipping Container Home

How many shipping containers to build a large three bedroom house for a family? These guys used six in theirs. It’s a couple, Alex and Corban Walls’ house, and it was built by the owners with Architectural Graduate Fraser Horton.

Shipping containers used:

6 40 foot type 1A HC shipping containers

They built this one at Muriwai Beach in New Zealand.

Recently we’ve been looking at shipping container buildings — especially residential — more because of the sometimes lower cost of building with them. When you buy shipping container bins used, its for a couple of thousand dollars, and there is a big variety: some are fully bins, some have doors, some have ribs instead of walls, some have roofs, and so if there’s supply appropriate, they can fill in big parts of a building’s material needs.

We also found a company that has been collecting shipping container builds and putting them together in a collection (a pdf book called “Shipping Container Homes”). They’re called Container Home.

“The 3 bedroom modern contemporary house is shaped like a capital letter ‘I’ the plan of the home allows two courtyards, front and rear of a central living zone. Bedroom wings sandwich this area and project out into the landscape.

“With skills picked up from his work with his creative engineering company, special projects, ale used a grinder to remove rust, a panel beating dolly to get rid of dents and, finally, cutting the apertures in the steel sides for windows and doors. The Wall’s recently sold this stunning house for $1.24 million NZD (around $800,000USD.”

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