A Shipping Container Home with a Shipping Container Guest House

A Shipping Container Home with a Shipping Container Guest House

This shipping container looks like a modern design that could fit in or be adapted to any town or city space. It’s called the “51st Home,” and it was built in Austin, Texas, by Patrice Nichole Rios, owner of Troo Designs, as what the designer calls her “reclaimed modern architecture” concept. It displays the effect that an interior designer can get by just focusing on one large striking element… in this case the large blue walls, which seem to be coordinated with two other main style elements: white paint and natural wood finish. But that’s not all: there’s a shipping container guest house outside, left with the original “shipping container” exterior.

Shipping containers are closed metal boxes, and there are different sizes of containers, but 40 meters is the largest and most widely used construction container. This container produces mainly cube-shaped houses. These houses can be considered a byproduct of the industrial international transport to a degree, and are environmentally friendly in the sense that they re-use what is otherwise no longer needed.

Location considerations: In a hot climate beach-side location, like the interesting tiny house in Sri Lankan (photo below), a shipping container house can be built with materials on and around the site, including a few domestic containers and deconstructed remains of old wooden boxes from weapons. This container house was built with a single container. The waterfront home is located right on the beach, and you can see how well suited it would be considering the heat of the country and the breeze coming from the open water.

Construction with containers is trendy, it’s increasing in the world for both emergency shelters and for for modern and contemporary construction.

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