Atherton Shipping Container Home

Atherton Shipping Container Residence, an Elegant Modular Home Design

This one is the “Atherton Shipping Container Residence” and it was built Michelle Kaufmann Studio, who we’ve talked about a number of times here, working with Studio 101 Designs and constructed by Blazer Industries. They’ve really spiced up the look of this place, repeating the light-feeling fence design in upper structures, adding segmented concrete pads for the walkway, and made the exterior appear extended with the two-tone (or two-style) walls. All this, and it’s a modular unit too, arriving on the bed of a transport truck.

What does it take to build a shipping container house?

Building a container house may seem simple. Just connect two, three or however many used containers in a house. The final cost of the container house includes more than just a couple shipping containers, though, because naturally you need to arrange the containers and building site, and outfit the building for living.

The price of the package is important. But the price of the what’s in the shipping home is also important: doors, fittings, finishes, heating …

NOTE: There are photos to illustrate the sizes of these containers and the types of homes at the bottom of the article. It might be best to go down there and look through them first, so you can know what’s being explained. You can also refer to the images as you go along.


To build a house you need a container or multiple containers. They come both new or used. A container can be purchased from your dealer. Suppliers are often in large commercial ports.

40 foot container: A container costs between $2200 and $3300 US. They also have 20 foot ones, and other sizes.

It takes one or two containers to build up a cabin or a small house. The shipping containers come painted. Transportation and installation of the package has an additional price. An old container can cost much less, but you have to buy a waterproof container, so make sure it meets that requirement.

The price of the container also depends on the manufacture, and on the quantity purchased. The price to buy 1 or 10 containers is not the same. For a good price, the used container is a better deal. The best solution is to go to a port or containers are numerous and where providers are also numerous.

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