Pennsylvania Shipping Container Home (Interior Photos)

Pennsylvania Shipping Container Home

Who doesn’t like to see a well-layed out, striking home design, and in this one, its not only striking for the attractive general exterior impression, but also for the obvious use of shipping containers in the construction. This one is the Pennsylvania Shipping Container Home, designed by the owner, Bill Mathesius for himself and his wife Martha.

How many shipping containers? Can you estimate from the photos?

Actually there are 11 45 footers in total, sitting on top of a concrete foundation. The total size then is 7200 sq feet

A quote by Martha about this shipping container mansion (basically): “There were little summer bungalows here in the ’30s and ’40s—that’s the way this community had developed. There was one here and it burned down, and so that owner decided to build a monster house. He put in all the concrete but abandoned the project. That’s part of what we purchased and very much what inspired us to build with shipping containers: this concrete foundation.

… “It’s not just our primary residence, it’s our only residence. Bill and I had decided we wanted to relocate from our situations in New Jersey. We each owned there and decided to sell those properties and come here together. I was charged with finding something that had three things: It had to have a view; it needed to be in Pennsylvania; and it needed to be approximate to Trenton, New Jersey. Because of his position as a state superior court judge (and he was also the county executive of Mercer County in New Jersey), a lot of Bill’s world is still based around Trenton, which is only a few miles away. I started my search and found this site, which has a view, is in Pennsylvania, and is near Trenton.”

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