Royal Oak Shipping Container House (Interior Photos)

Royal Oak Shipping Container House

Another striking shipping container designed house. This one really looks modern and clean-lined. It’s owned by one Aaron Schnepp, and its the 2350 sqare foot Royal Oak Shipping Container House, built by Michigan-based C3 UP.

How many shipping containers were required to build this fairly large structure?

A total of seven containers

But they’ve done quite a bit to add to the style since construction: replacing the siding with wood (instead of the original vinyl), adding privacy screens, stair railings, and wood finishes to parts of the interior.

According to Schnepp:

“I’m concerned that people are going to think we hate the house. But it’s not that at all; we love it. If the house doesn’t sell, we’ll happily live here for the next 10 years. It’s because I’m so picky. The floor color is light brown, and I want it dark brown. Most people wouldn’t care, but I do.”

Price? According to C3 UP, they can make tiny container homes that start at $31,500, and full-size shipping container houses like Schnepp’s start at $125,000.

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Photos by: Dwell Boxes