Solar Powered Off-Grid Shipping Container Cabin

Solar Powered Off-Grid Shipping Container Cabin

The idea that shipping containers can be used as the main building material for house builders is still gaining in popularity. Shipping container buildings are used for a wide variety of purposes, spanning the range between modular homes, prefab truck to a site and crane down on some supports homes, tiny homes, temporary shelters, emergency dwellings, and then all the way up into larger buildings, like apartment complexes and mansions, which each take a number of shipping containers put together to make. Oh, and houseboats as well sometimes use these, despite the weight. From the wide and continued use of shipping containers, what I gather is that people are finding benefits in them, and it doesn’t seem to be just a fad. The main benefits I see are the cost when people buy these as used shipping containers and the durability and strength.

Recently I came across this interesting company that is compiling lots of shipping container house designs into a pdf downloadable book, called, you might have guessed it, “Container Home.”

This is one of the shipping container houses they chronicled. It’s one that was built in Bobcaygeon, Ontario for the family of Jason Rioux of Sea Container Cabins as a unique 1479 square foot off-grid solar-powered shipping container cabin summer house.

“The hub and spoke design (all the containers radiate out from a large octagonal central living room ) uses 7 x 20’ type 1a HC containers and post-and-beam hybrid elements. Each of the seven containers serve a different purpose: bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, mudroom, recreation room and bathroom – there is even a sauna!

“One of the most interesting features of the home is its incredibly low power consumption of 1kw of solar pv to nett zero over a year ( the average solar powered home might need 7 – 8 kw ). With its rustic décor and innovative off-grid approach, this solar powered getaway is an interesting take on shipping container architecture.”

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