Park Model Tiny House with Amazing Interior

Every little house design has something unique to offer, and this gorgeous park model has striking interior finishes that have really impressed some tiny home enthusiasts. A lot of contemporary stylists and creators for the tiny home market are unceasingly going beyond past limits of what buyers expected to find in a tiny house, prefab or modular home.

I found out this eye-catching park model by Lil’ Lodges truly amazed me. This tiny mobile home has been featured on FYI Network’s Tiny House Nation. This stunning park model consists of two bedrooms and one bathroom. The design stands as an example, too, of the high quality finishes that can be accomplished in mobile homes.

The façade of this movable lodge is a nice blend of wood and stone. They impeccably combine together to form an attention-grabbing structure completed from natural resources. This house has a good sized porch for a nice relaxation area. And because of its good size, a big dining set can fit it.

The central living room is a very lovely! The sky-high basilica ceiling, outsized windows, and casement allows light flooding which illuminates the whole house. This well-lit house balances the shadowy tones all over the cabin. The bucolic wood finishes make a very cozy space while the elegant stone fireplace will naturally warm up this charming flooring plot.

The kitchen depicts a dim timber motif and its light-colored countertops balance its dark setting. It has appliances which provide a modern touch and at the same time there is big sink which makes the kitchen more appealing.

The master bedroom is situated at the hindmost of the floor design and it has sufficient large windows. The rural woody ceiling and closets enhance earthiness to the bedroom.

The grey tiles of the bathroom are contrasted pleasantly by the vivid white fixtures. This beautiful contrast creates a nice modern lavatory.

The second bedroom of this lovely park model is positioned at the loft space. It is designed with less natural light and blended with light shade of wood in contrast to the ground floor. The standing space of this room makes it elegant and classy and provides a good breathing space.

This impressive park model is undeniably a magnificent interior design that builders can offer. To see more of Lil’ Lodges’ work, find them in the Building Homes and Living directory. For best viewing, open the image on a large screen.