Tiny Home RV

RVs and park model homes really range in how they impress people, don’t they? Trailers, for example, have a bit of a bad name (although even this is changing nowadays, I think) because some of them get a bit run down, but then on the other hand, there’s really fancy units, and a lot of the new prefab homes and modular homes that come out in sizes similar to park model sizes — and in some cases come on wheels as well — are designed by real architects.

All sorts of architects, actually. So that there’s a huge variety of options when considering buying a prefab, modular home or RV. This one we found was designed by Jamie Mackay, and it’s called the “Park Model RV” and its located on his campground in Wyoming. He’s shared it with the world as a low cost design for a park model.

He’s actually offering to build these for other folks as well. Here’s what he says about that: “It took me a while to come up with the finalized design, working with small spaces is a difficult process. The ‘Park Model’ is built out of SIP panels and SIP roof system, 4″ walls and 6″ roof, keeping heating and cooling costs down.

“The exterior of the unit is a mixture of rusty metal and cedar siding that was stained to look like barn wood. One could use barn wood although it would be 4x the cost. I am currently working on building more of these units and will ship to quite a few this summer. For more details and materials used feel free to contact me at [email protected]

So you even have this RV designers email being offered publicly. That makes me think he’s ready to put out a quality product.  The price for this mobile RV prefab home is $95,000.

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