Camping Spot Has Yurts and Miniature Animals!

Camping Spot Has Yurts and Miniature Animals!

Having a quiet area to relax, unwind and experience tranquility when life becomes too toxic and busy, a lovely spot in a distant place from your the is absolutely bound to be good for you. The Green Acres in Elgin, Texas is place that you may consider for a weekend getaway.

Set in Bastrop County about half an hour from Austin, it is an ideal spot for free-spirited, poets, artists, and families to bond with one another while being enclosed by nature’s silence and peace.

This campsite was created when the thought of living in a still, quiet and sustainable lifestyle came so profound in the minds and hearts of this beautiful couple Brandon and Kirsten. Presently, they are living with their kids on Green Acres in a restored 1955 Spartan Mansion trailer, whereas their teenager son has his own Airstream from 1967.

Guests can experience a nature-filled and intimate tiny space living by renting out either just one or two yurts through Airbnb. Per night costs less than $200. If you have guests, you may reserve the space for enjoyable get-togethers. You can set up a decent dinner party, simple wedding reception or any outdoor activities. Along the yurts, there is a standard public shed with an open-air kitchenette, contemporary sauna, corral fire ditch, and some miniature donkeys and alpacas that are freely strolling around the area. As well as being encircled by boundless forested trails, the plot has an outdoor sound system, ping-pong table, hammocks, lucky charm, trellis, trampoline, and a half-pipe roller-skate ramp.

This exciting camping spot is absolutely a perfect place to create unforgettable recreational activities. Having retreats and getaways in a nature-filled space is a wonderful gift that you can give to yourself after a busy, tiresome long week. Aside from its serene environment, enjoying free roaming miniature animals is an added excitement to this camping spot. For more interesting homes, find them in the Building Homes and Living directory.