This Tiny House is a “Barn House”

This multifunctional barn / outbuilding is located on an old farmstead. The yard and the farm in the course of time have become to a large extent swallowed up by the city, but here rustic and new have been combined in a tiny house dwelling.

“City Barn” is a rural modern house inside the city, and it has just a small yard at the rear. The slight angular displacement of the volume responds to the movement in the yard. It also represents a new center of gravity in front of the entrance of the existing farmhouse.

The barn has room for a workshop, storage room, parking, and terrace. The volumes are encased and connected by means of a folded sinking shell. The shell opens on the side of the main entrance of the house and the green area of the yard. The north side of the barn has a more closed character with regards to the backside street.

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