Fantastic Floating Home

Fantastic Floating Home

I’ve seen quite a few houseboats, and we’ve shared lots here by now, but this one is huge. It’s a split level unit houseboat! 20 meters long (65 feet). And it’s got style as well.

Look at that functional, airy layout interior they’ve put in this houseboat. It’s called the “Amsterdam,” and it’s a 20 x 6.9 meter Dutch barge home from Bowcrest.

From the builders: “This massive split level unit has an exceptionally shallow draft which allows this floating home to be placed on a mooring with very little water. The vast amount of space achieved makes this large family floating home both desirable and affordable. With the ever pressing shortage of Land we need to look at what alternatives are available to us to provide sustainable and affordable homes for the future. This lovely floating villa with its vast panoramic shows just what living on water really can be like.”

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