Tiny Houseboat, the Bunbo 990D

Tiny Houseboat, the Bunbo 990D

This is the smallest houseboat in a fleet being made by Bunbo, and when it’s dressed up in those bright colors, it looks pretty cozy and friendly doesn’t it? This one is their 990D model.

The BunBo 990D is Bunbo’s smallest houseboat and still offers plenty of space, especially for a holiday for two. It is also suitable for smaller families, because in the large living area is a sofa bed overlooking the fireplace.

The 990D has a shower and a separate toilet room, a large living room with fully equipped kitchen and like all BunBos a cozy terrace that invites you to sunbathe, relax and enjoy.

Here’s a gallery of photos:

Boat length:
9,95 m
4,65 m
0,65 m
3,30 m
Living space:
approx. 21 m² + approx. 14 m² Terrace
Room height:
2.20 to 2.40 m

A Solar Powered Houseboat You Can Tow With Your Truck

At just 5000 pounds, this easily truck-towable houseboat is also a solar-powered one. It’s a Diagno boat called Le Koroc, specially designed for its light weight and ease of use as a tiny home on water.

The construction is cedar beams (laminated) and plywood. It measures 24 feet long, 8 feet wide. It has a cozy bedroom which looks like a boat bedroom, and a large deck.

The metal roof has a solar power panel (265 watt), and that connects up to the houseboats battery for powering the lights (lots of LEDs throughout), food storage, and so on. All you’d need for a great afternoon on this thing is some friends and family, and you could even tow a small houseboat like this one to them!

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You’ve Seen Tiny Houses, Now It’s a Tiny Personal Houseboat!

How many people out there, whether you’re interested in prefab houses or you’re part of the tiny homes movement or what, have thought about ever taking a cruise (is that the right word) in a houseboat?

A designer named Marjin Beije might have an option for tiny house shoppers who have access to a plot of water, and who like the idea of being surrounded by water all the time — a tiny houseboat.

Yes, it’s a floating tiny home big enough for two rooms and a deck between the two. One side is an interesting bathroom construction, walled by thin wooden slats and leaving only a counter/sink and faucet for washing, as well as the enclosed toilet.

There’s windows on this bathroom area as well as the sleeping area.

One thing that might not make everyone happy to hear. For the sake of simplicity, everything from the sinks and elsewhere just drains down, although I guess you could rig something up like other tiny homes and prefab modular houses have for waste removal.

I left one thing out: there’s a sundeck on top with a diving platform at the very top, so tiny house dwellers can take a dive into their yard — or lake!