Tiny Houseboat, the Bunbo 990D

Tiny Houseboat, the Bunbo 990D

This is the smallest houseboat in a fleet being made by Bunbo, and when it’s dressed up in those bright colors, it looks pretty cozy and friendly doesn’t it? This one is their 990D model.

The BunBo 990D is Bunbo’s smallest houseboat and still offers plenty of space, especially for a holiday for two. It is also suitable for smaller families, because in the large living area is a sofa bed overlooking the fireplace.

The 990D has a shower and a separate toilet room, a large living room with fully equipped kitchen and like all BunBos a cozy terrace that invites you to sunbathe, relax and enjoy.

Here’s a gallery of photos:

Boat length:
9,95 m
4,65 m
0,65 m
3,30 m
Living space:
approx. 21 m² + approx. 14 m² Terrace
Room height:
2.20 to 2.40 m