A Solar Powered Houseboat You Can Tow With Your Truck

Tiny House Style Solar powered houseboat

At just 5000 pounds, this easily truck-towable houseboat is also a solar-powered one. It’s a Diagno boat called Le Koroc, specially designed for its light weight and ease of use as a tiny home on water.

The construction is cedar beams (laminated) and plywood. It measures 24 feet long, 8 feet wide. It has a cozy bedroom which looks like a boat bedroom, and a large deck.

The metal roof has a solar power panel (265 watt), and that connects up to the houseboats battery for powering the lights (lots of LEDs throughout), food storage, and so on. All you’d need for a great afternoon on this thing is some friends and family, and you could even tow a small houseboat like this one to them!

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