Three Awesome Variations of the Mothership Houseboat

Three Awesome Variations of the Mothership Houseboat

The Mothership Houseboat is not just any houseboat, it has a myriad of uses and we will share three of those with you here. First of all, a houseboat is normally a luxury item, but the flexibility of how the Mothership can be used makes it stand out in the crowd. This houseboat is designed to be used all year-round and uses solar power to charge the electric motors and the houseboat’s appliances. The Mothership is eco-friendly and low maintenance which is a plus for its occupants.

1. The Eco-Getaway 

Use the Mothership as a weekend getaway. It’s nice to be able to explore nature and the waters any time of the year. This houseboat makes a superb getaway, particularly, for those who like to live life fully but in an eco-friendly way.

2. A Second Home

The Mothership can be used as a second home as well, somewhere beautiful where you and your mate, friends, or family, can go to relax at any time of the year. Maybe you’d like to offer it to clients to stay, who are from out of town. What a way to impress clientele.

3. An Eco Charter

This is the perfect houseboat to use as a charter boat. You can create tours and use the boat for clients and those visiting in town who are looking for something more than the hotel experience. Guests can take a short cruise and then use the Mothership as their hotel on water.

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