Amazing Metal Building Home With Wrap Around Porch and Energy Performer Insulation Package

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Impressive Metal Building Home With Grilling Area

When you think of metal buildings, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it plain corrugated walls and a box shape? That’s just not the case when you’re building with steel from an experienced metal home designer / builder who has a ton of projects under their belts already. This is a sturdy type of construction that can be designed to fit right in on green acres or on a city street.

Many people think about having a house out on a farm, and some of us already live out on farms and ranches or large pieces of land. Metal homes as an alternative building method that allows for inexpensive, strong and durable buildings that can also be reused, recycled or modified later on.

The metal home here is designed and built by a company we’ve featured a number of times here on our site: Morton metal buildings — they do a number of different building types. And the job they’ve carried off here is one that I think will catch a lot of attention: a rustic-style farm house that combines residential with equestrian areas.

Looking at the exterior shots (no interior shots available yet), I think a lot of you might agree that the interior work on this ranch house metal home is the real star of this construction project.

Some more information about this metal building:

Project Number: B070014313

Location:Haskell, OK
Dimensions:48’W x 10’H x 56’L
This home was built for Jim & Cindy in Haskell, OK

Special Features:

Morton’s Hi-Rib Steel
Wrap-Around Porch
Morton’s Energy Performer Insulation Package

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