Incredible Metal Building Home for Any Size Family

Over the years, metal building homes have come a long way, and we’ve seen our share certainly, but this one is really incredible. Just what they’ve done with standard metal building construction makes you seriously say ‘Wow.’ It must be a product of two things: 1, they used a company that has a ton of experience and has built countless metal homes to suit countless types of tastes and requirements, and 2, a great home and finishing attempt that worked out so well.

This is a Morton Buildings job, and we’ve looked at them before. But while we often look at smaller homes, for small families or couples, this metal building home is so spacious and well layed out it would easily suit pretty much any sized family. It has wings! And one of the wings has a 3-bay metal garage! The pictures can speak for themselves on this one. Yes, it has a pool, brick-face exterior walls, and a spiral staircase.

Specifications (this house comprises several metal building sections):

38’W x 18’4″H x 42’L
24’W x 11’4″H x 32’L
32’W x 10’4″H x 20’L
20’W x 11’8″H x 6’L
21’W x 11’4″H x 42’L
28’W x 11’4″H x 20’L

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