Comfortable Metal Home for Cold Climates

Comfortable Metal Home for Cold Climates

Some of us live in the cooler (or colder) northern climates where we really have to think about insulation and heat conservation when we plan a house. Metal homes can be built very basically, and can be set up without any insulation, but that wouldn’t do in a cold location. Here we have a metal home that was built to withstand the sub-zero temperatures that mean they get to enjoy a white Christmas sometimes.

Some information about this metal building:

Project Number:B066033160

Location: Custer, SD
Dimensions: 48’W x 16’H x 72’L + 42’W x 9’4″H x 35’L
This home was built for Dan & Michelle of Custer, SD

Special Features:
Morton’s Hi-Rib Steel
Wrap-around Porch
Morton’s Energy Performer Insulation Package

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