Impressive Metal Building House for Small Families

Lovely Metal Building Abode for Small Families

Many people think about having a small house out on a farm, and some of us already live out on farms and ranches or large pieces of land. These small farm-style houses have always been popular with people living in the countryside, but building homes out of metal is something fairly new for farm residences.

The farmhouse here is designed and built by a company we’ve featured a number of times here on our site: Morton Steel buildings — they do a number of different building types. And the job they’ve carried off here is one that I think will catch a lot of attention: a rustic-style farm house of a size just about right for a couple or small family.

You might have noticed: there’s also a 3-door garage. Whether you need to park your farm equipment in it or keep a few vehicles in from the elements, this is one feature these metal buildings have almost built into them — the ability to add space for non-residential parts of a house like shop spaces, hobby shops, and livestock areas.

Some more information about this metal building:


Project Number: B143033391
Location: Ocala, FL
Dimensions:42’W x 13’4″H x 54’L + 36’W x 9’H x 38’L
This home was built for Donna of Cedar Falls, IA

Special Features:

Morton’s Hi-Rib Steel
Stone & Steel Wainscot
Windows w/ Shutters
Morton’s Energy Performer Insulation Package

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