Inflatable Pool Toys

When summer comes around, one of the main things on everyone’s mind is going swimming, whether in a back yard pool or at the lake or river. What started out as floating on inner tubes from auto tires has developed into a pretty elaborate market for floating chairs, couches, boats, and all kinds of other things.

How about this flotation device for your pool or your next trip to the lake? Maybe you can tow it behind a powerboat on the lake, too? Or go down the river floating on it with friends. And they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

A couple of points for using these. A flotation device like these, no matter how big, doesn’t replace a life jacket. A life jacket is made so that it will hold your head above water even if you’re unconscious, so you can continue to breathe.

The other things to keep in mind with floaties: look for decent thickness of the plastic, good seams, and a blow-up nozzle you can use. Some people get battery-powered air pumps (compressors). You can also get ones that plug in, and ones that plug into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter, which you can also use for flat tires. To find these if you’re wanting to buy them, check out Floating Islands and Pool Floats.