Glamping: Glamorous Camping, What You Need For a Great Time

Glamping Glamorous Camping, What You Need For a Great Time

Glamping, a term that was popularized in the 21st for those who wanted the experience of camping, spending time outdoors, but not the sacrifices and the work. If you are going camping, tradionally you will want to check out camping areas, campgrounds, places where it’s safe and legal to live, cook, and sleep outside. Most traditional campgrounds will have a community center where you can get the things you forgot at home, like water, cleaning supplies, bath tissue, first aid kits, bandaids, etc. nowadays, there are campgrounds with electricity to charge phones an electrical cooking appliances, and radios, for whoever still uses those things.

But glamping, well, that is almost another subject. For people who glamp, there is a plan that must be made way ahead of time to make sure that the weekend is fabulous and work free. No sacrificing here, glamping is all about having a glamorous time, but the only difference is, you are outdoors.

Here are glamping supplies and requirements to have a memorable time communing with nature in a fabulous way:

A personal chef

Many glampers desire to have gourmet meals when they camp out. Some people love the fire and the charcoal, but a can of baked beans is not what they are looking for. The menu would read more like, roasted salmon, with saffron rice and asparagus, all done by a personal chef right in front of the glampers.

A Wine Sommelier

Glampers love their wine, and it must be good wine paired with their weekend’s meals. Only a sommelier, a wine expert, can serve this kind of purpose. Often the chef and wine expert are one in the same and that is when you know that you’ve lucked out as a glamper to have both rolled into one expert.

The Finest Bedding

Don’t think that glampers are sleeping in your average tent, no way. They also expect the best in bedding and tents. There are tents that are heated or cooled, whichever you may need in the moment, and as comfortable or more so, than your bedroom at home. There are specific companies that cater to this type of camping.

A Tour Guide

A glamper is not going anywhere without a tour guide. They want to have a great time and there is nothing better than having someone professional who knows the area and all the interesting things about it. Yes, a guide is a must for most glampers for they like to fill their days with history and their nights with Chardonnay.


Glampers desire electricity of their own, not shared electricity like most basic campgrounds. The glamper doesn’t want to move from their positions if they don’t need to, there should be portable electricity right there that every one can use for their phones, tablets, ipods and electronic book readers.


And most of all, a glamper wants WiFi, and not your general shared and slow WiFi speeds, but speeds just like the one at home. Who knows, someone may call from the office or there may be an important customer that must speak with you before the weekend is over. Fast and reliable WiFi is a must, although a glamper will sacrifice speed as long as the WiFi is somewhat reliable. Glampers never truly unplug.