Learn How to Build a Solar Cabin for Under $2000

How much space do you need? If your answer is that you can do with around 400 square meters of interior living space – in other words, a tiny home – you might be able to drastically reduce your monthly bill for rent or mortgage, and if you do something like this house, you might be able to reduce costs entirely, because this is a super inexpensive solar cabin build. Off grid living is something a lot of people are looking at right now!

This solar cabin is a 14 by 14 foot structure, and has a full loft. It uses solar as you probably guessed, and also uses wind power to generate energy for electricity, and uses wood for heating and propane for some appliances. It’s a tiny house cabin made to be suitable for both summer and winter living. The project was documented and put into an e-book by SimpleSolarHomesteading, as the “Off the Grid Paperback” book which details the $2000 cabin build, as well as how to install solar and wind power, propane appliances, the wood stove, how to deal with off-grid sanitation, how to harvest rain water, how to passively heat and cool a building like this little cabin, and how to find land.

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