The Hexacube: Cabin of the Future


The Hexacube home is amazing. It is one of the most futuristic home styles to date. It is named simply for its shape and is a new frontier for construction companies. The Hexacube was a longtime dream come true and it is labeled as a cabin home but clearly it looks nothing like the traditional cabin we know today.The Hexacube entered the mind of George Candillis, designer, in 1972, so today’s Hexacube cabin has been a long time coming.

You can continue to add hexagon pieces to customize your cabin. It can end up being pretty much any shape and size a buyer desires. Being able to customize the Hexagon cabin is a huge plus for buyers because they are not limited to one shape or size of a cabin. The acceptance of the Hexacube took approximately 40 years to catch on and now designers, architects, and artists are revamping the original 1972 idea into a 2017 unusual way of living.

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