The Weaver Craftsman Cabin from $3,958

The Weaver Craftsman Cabin from $3,958

The craftsman style has long been prized as a classic. And this small cabin is no exception. What is very special to me about this particular cabin are the vaulted ceilings and the cabin’s facade, which is very quaint. It is a great addition to a main house, and can be used as a studio or guest house, or even an extra office. It is also great for storage, which makes it a very versatile cabin. With vinyl siding it is  especially weather friendly.

This craftsman design withstands the test of time and will be a wonderful space to add to an existing main house. It stands alone as a tiny home itself, and can be assembled anywhere on your property. It is also very cost-effective.


  • 25 Year Shingles
  • Continuos Ridge Vent & Soffit Ventilation
  • CDX Plywood Roof Sheathings
  • Aluminum Drip Edge
  • 1×6 Cedar Fascia Board
  • 1×4 Cedar Window & Door Trim
  • Door Openings
    • 45″Wx72″H on 8′ wide barns
    • 57″Wx72″H on 10′-16′ wide barns
  • Double Studded Door Jambs
  • Double 2×6 Headers above Double Doors
  • Double Doors
  • Double-framed Doors Assembeled with screws
  • Cane Bolts
  • T-Habdle with Lock & Key
  • 2×4 Studs
    • 24″ O/C on 8′-12′ wide buildings
    • 16″ O/C on 14′-24” wide buildings
  • 2×8 Tongue & Groove Treated Flooring
  • Pressure Treated Runners

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