Tiny House Cabin for under $4500

Tiny House Cabin for under $4500

The tiny house movement is everywhere, and people are finding new ways to get into a house for less money. The average price of a tiny home is under $25,000, and people who go this route are way less likely to carry a mortgage, but what is the cheapest you can get into a house of any kind?

This tiny house cabin is still attractive and roomy enough that you could live comfortably in it, with a low cost of $4390. With a patio and that extended roof there’s lots of room outside of the actual house as well to enjoy time with friends and family.

And with this style of rustic tiny home, it would be easy to find used furniture and furnishings that would fit in nicely with the overall look. That also goes for finding good deals on furniture and decorations that could be repurposed, or even things built from scratch.


  • Inside Floor Area: 113 Sqf – 9’1″ deep x 12’5″ wide
  • Wall thickness: 1-3/4″ (44 mm) – Nordic Spruce Dual Tongue Windblock pattern
  • Ridge Height: 8′ 3″ | Wall height 6’5″
  • Door: 33.5″ x 69.7″ | Window: 46.9″ x 34.2″
  • Minimum site footprint 13’1″ x 9’8″ – Weight 3200 lbs

From the makers: “With 113 Sqf. of inside area, this cute cabin is large enough to create extra space for your hobby, garden or pool tools and supplies. It can also become your home office, lake house, guest cottage, yoga studio, retail kiosk, or simply a retreat in your back yard. The pictures (showing a real owner’s cabin, by the way) tell the story. Assembly of this solid wood cabin takes one full day for two adults. Do it yourself simple step-by-step directions come with the kit. Only minimal tools are needed. For year round use, added insulation is recommended. In most climate zones floor and roof insulation will be enough. 3rd party installers usually charge $750 and up depending on locale to set up this model. Foundation labor would be extra. Optional: Extra wall planks ” This one is called the Lillevilla Escape.

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