That Cottage Feel – Priceless!

Tiny Cottage

Say the word “cottage” and doesn’t it conjure up a small, quaint dwelling surrounded by lush gardens and greenery, perhaps with a thatched roof, and inside it’s cozy with fireplaces and woven area rugs? Eclectic styles and beamed ceilings come to mind, and perhaps decor in the “shabby chic” style. Well, the truth is you can call almost anything a cottage as it is more of a feeling than a particular construction. And it is warm and inviting. Cottages can be small and compact in a traditional way, or a bit larger with the cottage accouterments and feel. A cottage wraps its arms around you and gives you a big welcoming hug.

The cottage interior can be modern or rustic or traditional. Anything works in a cottage because it is the feel that is the important thing, not necessarily the decor’s special style. Cottages are not just homes for your grandmother anymore.  More and more people are attracted to that cottage feeling and the simple elegance it provides. It doesn’t have to be stuffed with bric-a-brac, or Hummel figurines. It can be round and curvy, or have sleek, clean lines. And the color palette is the choice of the cottage dweller.

The images below are some examples of cottages old and new and their interiors. They might give you some creative ideas how you can make your home into a cottage with the feeling that is indescribable. All Images are courtesy of Pinterest and can be enlarged.