1100 Square Foot Cottage

Check out the trellises on this 1100 sq ft cottage

Recently we were looking into garage homes as an alternative, affordable building method for budget-conscious home-buyers, and were paying some attention to a company that makes garage buildings in a variety of styles and sizes called the Barn Yard, and we also noticed they made some pretty nice little cabins as well, so we’re sharing one of their projects here. It’s an 1100 square foot cottage situated on a lake in Stafford. Check out those trellises on the front porch!

When it comes to cottages, as the company says themselves, there are “endless options for endless summers,” and what you build depends on where you’re going to situate it, on a lake or on a mountain or in a field, or with a view or without, or as part of a compound of buildings or alone as a true get-away-from-it-all or off grid cabin.

Here are a couple more photos, of the interior of their cottage this time.

For more about these cottages or The Barn Yard , we’ve put them in our directory of home builders, and for more barn homes, click here.