Ultimate Man Cave

When it comes to man caves, creativity isn’t the foremost consideration. It’s not a matter of unique design. Actually, there are a set of things people chose from that are pretty standard. It’s just a matter of how much space or resources you have to add the ones you want.

Here’s a list of the ultimate man cave features. You can tell us if we miss something:

  1. Access to cars. Maybe your man cave is in your garage, so your cars, trucks, bikes and motorhomes and RVs are right there. Maybe you’re house cost a couple of million, and you have a glass separator to display your cars to the people inside your den.
  2. Pool table and other games. These include: a dart board, a pinball arcade game, an electronic arcade game
  3. A cabinet to display some of the items from your favorite collectors hobby, or just objects at random that are cool to look at and show people. Also maybe a card table.
  4. A home theater, whether to watch sports or movies, whatever your preference is. A gaming system might be in place here, too.
  5. A fridge! Maybe this one should be number one! Also optional, a cabinet for cigars and things for people who like them.
  6. This might be part of your fridge, but ice is always needed!
  7. A bar with barstools.
  8. Glasses for drinking. Some people even put these in hidden compartments, like that globe that opens up to reveal 6 glasses inside you may have seen.
  9. Reclining chairs. Not for everyone, but for those people who like to really kick back and relax more than they like socializing or playing game.
  10. Music, whether a vintage record player or cassette deck, or a modern Bluetooth speaker set for music-by-phone.

Well, did we miss anything that you have (or want to put) in your man cave? Or does this list cover the ultimate man cave requirements?