Artistic Stone Walls – What Do You Think of This Style?

Decorative Stacked Stones Wall

Our homes are our havens. They are where we come at the end of the day to breathe a sigh of relief, unwind, and renew ourselves for tomorrow. It doesn’t matter what type of home you live in. Whether it’s a tiny house, an apartment, a modular home or something more traditional, your home is indeed “where the heart is”. So it stands to reason that we want our homes be inviting and the types of dwellings you look forward to seeing at the end of the day.

It doesn’t matter if the style of your home is modern or shabby chic; there are certain things that are common for all home owners. Using natural materials is one of those things. Bringing the outside in is another. No matter how you decide to achieve these effects, having them in your home creates interest, splashes of color, and varying textures. Using stone inside your home is becoming more and more popular and the artistic affect of stone, the sculptural qualities of stone, can be unique to you and your sense of style.

Having a stacked stone wall in your home breaks up the monotony of the usual wall. It is a creative way to provide something tactile, textural, and colorful. In a modern home, stone walls introduce a warming element that creates interest and curves instead of just lines. In more traditional styled homes, stacked stone brings the warm and inviting elements to their fullness by bringing the outside in. If your interior design is basically neutral tones, stone can offer bits of color and patterns on your wall.

You can use the effect of a stacked stone wall in any room in your home. Hallways, living rooms, bedrooms, even bathrooms can be enriched with stone. And stone can be used architecturally to separate areas of your house. So put your artist’s hat on and get creative when you design your home’s interior. The wide variety of stone available ensures that you will absolutely find one that appeals to your sense of style and compliments the rest of your interior design. The pictures here are intended to inspire and excite you, and to give you some creative ideas.

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