6 Hour Set Up, and You Transport It Folded Down, for $33,000 – This House

We’ve looked a few times at houses that can be transproted because they’re either modular or small or tiny homes, but this one is a bit different. Not least of all because of it’s amazing interior (see the photos).

It’s a tiny home A-frame designed by Renato Vidal, and yes it’s designed for quick set-up and easy transportation. It transports basically like a flat-pack home, on the back of a truck, and to assemble it, with three people and a crane, it can be set up anywhere in around 6 hours.

It’s often a tiny home, but not always. You can get the 290 square foot version, but you can also get versions up to around 900 square feet, which isn’t a tiny home anymore. The small version is the 33k one though, and the largest size would be more than double that price.

All the models, though, including the tiniest tiny home, come with bathroom with facilities, kitchen appliance connections, a stage staircase and other house necessities.

These homes can be set up as totally off-grid homes, too, with solar power and water systems, using LED for lights.

Once you order them, they take around up to 2 months for delivery after final drawings are completed.  For more modular homes, click here, and for more tiny homes, click here.