MetroCabin Prefab House from $17,460

I’ve lived in two prefab homes, but neither of them were as cool as this Metro Cabin. One of them had such poor insulation that the water in our toilet froze one winter, and one we had to leave during a big storm because it was becoming dangerous. However, if I lived in a mild climate, I’d be sorely tempted to try out one of these homes from MetroShed. It has an open floor plan, large windows, and plenty of space for a single person (and maybe a pet) to live. It’s also an interesting structure to look at, unlike the plain, rectangular trailers typical of pre-fab design. It looks more like a modern take on a barn, with a high ceiling and windows directly below the roof. It looks warm and inviting, especially with the front porch/back deck option that lets you host a BBQ without worrying about where you’re going to put everyone.

The Metro Cabin comes in two sizes, 12 x 16 or 16 x 20, with options to include a bedroom and/or a bathroom. It’s a kit of already built wall panels and various parts to assemble it. You can either have MetroShed build it for you, or put it together yourself. The estimated time for two people assembling the Metro Cabin is around 3 days. of course, if you have a couple more friends over, it might take less time, and then you can all enjoy some quiet, relaxing evenings around the firepit, toasting marshmallows for s’mores, or drinking the newest microbrewery options.

These would also be great for people who want to vacation together but want their own space. If your family owns a vacation property or lots of land with their current house, this would be a great option for kids, introverts, and others who need time to rest and recuperate. It would also work as an art studio, an office, a classroom, or even a storage shed, but it’s a little too pretty to be used just to store things. It could be used to house larger animals, as long as a few adjustments were made.

With its versatile nature, quality materials, and modern look, this Metro Cabin would look right at home in the city as well as the country, and is priced low enough that most would find it a great option for a variety of needs. And, if you find you want another one for a different purpose, they can be used together, side by side, or spread out if you’re looking for more of a retreat situation. I personally would love to have one of these and use it as an arts & crafts lab where I could spend afternoons using natural light to create by.

Interested in seeing more from MetroShed? The two plans for both sizes of the Metro Cabin, and the details regarding room options and materials, can be found at PreFabCosm.

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