Prefab Pods

Prefab pods

Are prefab pods the answer to the increasing difficulty people are having affording homes, particular in our popular urban areas?

These pods are the design work of James Law Cybertecture. They’re heavy but easy to install prefab tiny homes. Not only do they function on their own and are easy to set up (as long as you can transport 22 tonnes), they can be stacked into larger multi-dwelling prefab pod communities. The prefab pods then can be accessed through scaffold-like stairs and walkways, making them a lot like motels.

These are ‘micro-homes’ with around 100 square feet of living space. They’re being projected as possible housing for Hong Kong dwellers. Hong Kong is famous/notorious for having a lot of state-owned and run housing, as well as a very large population.

The price for these units is estimated at around 11k pounds, which is around 15k US.