Build your own Teardrop Trailer, DIY

Build your own Teardrop Trailer, DIY

Who wants to take a trip out to a local campsite, or even a long road trip without having to shell out for hotels along the way. Teardrop trailers are small, easy to store, easy to tow, and now … easy to build … RVing options.

This one was built a couple of years ago by a fellow named Ioan, an Oregonian programmer who took a DIY teardrop trailer on as his first build project, working in the evenings after 8pm and sometimes on weekends.

His plan was to keep his build under 1500-2000 dollars, considering there are plenty of plans (and retail offers) of teardrop trailers for 4-11 thousand.

He also wanted to pull it with a small car – his Hyundai Sonata (1000lb pound max towing). So the teardrop, fully loaded, was to be under 700 pounds.

Here’s his part list:

Porch Lights.
Dome Light.
Water pump.
Hatch handles.

And a list of the tools he used to build this DIY teardrop trailer:

Box cutter
Framing square
Wrenches. Big ones.(16mm, 17mm, 18mm)
Wireless drill
Chop saw
Table saw
Belt sander

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